- an experiment in creative contribution and spiritual development from children to adults.

I recently discovered that students who are around the creative process are significantly more creative in general when it comes to music and artistic abilities.  The impact of students seeing musical and artistic practice demonstrated is significant in their own creative output.  Students see that I make mistakes as well during practice and that it isn't something to get upset or emotional about it.  See it as a challenging game instead, in which steps can be used to correct a mistake.  Rather than just giving assignments, I demonstrate my practice and try to include my students in the process.  Teaching through action is the best way to teach practice and self-correction.

I've also noticed that students feel positive emotions when their ideas are being used to contribute in a creative process.  Kids have talents and strengths which adults lack over time.  Why do we isolate them and ourselves from each other during creative work?  Kids hold a close link to the source of creativity, God, and so it only makes sense to look and listen to what kids express to us.  They have vivid imaginations, keep structure with a fine tuned internal clock (great at reminding!), and have effortless energy.  The ability to teach and learn is a life long process which is accelerated by working together.  If I know something that you don't, or if you know something I don't, it doesn't make either of us right or wrong.  It just states a simple fact that we all have and know something different to contribute. 

I often play music on the piano and ask my kids to write or draw what comes to mind in the moment.  The ideas they come up with are just as valid as the idea of an adult.  Adults should listen to kids and work with their ideas through using what we know and our expertise to create something meaningful.  Kids' intuitive nature can direct us to ideas that we would have otherwise disregarded.  God and kids both have a knack at hinting, commenting, and/or expressing through other ways, which validates our ideas and beliefs.   They confirm our subconscious and can actually be quite helpful little elves in the process.  

I'm not saying that I am an expert in childhood development, but I've found a sweet spot in work/fun and creating a nonjudgmental atmosphere here.  I'm a firm believer diversifying interests between the art forms, and that art, words, movement, and music all inspire each other.  They're different for a reason.

StudioTime is now open to my students and their families.  I'm preparing for some performances so I prefer working individually with a hand selected group (current students/dedicated followers).  And I would like to develop those individuals into long term students to work beside in the future.  In doing so, I would like to work with other piano teachers and friends to work with my students one-on-one for technique while I oversee their artistic progress and repertoire.  

Contributions and donations towards expenses and materials are much appreciated.  Our meetings can be as needed or regularly scheduled.  If a student or sibling's behavior does not adjust upon correction in a considerable timeframe, they may be dismissed until they have changed the behavior.

StudioTime is an experiment in creative contribution and spiritual development from children to adults.  

An Overview:

  • We teach work ethic, ethics, & how to contribute with individual talent and interests

  • One-on-one guidance

  • Build a creative skill set (music, songwriting, drawing, planning, organizing, assisting, collaborating, modeling, movement, transcribing, photography, video, etc)

  • Immerse yourself in the music world and learn how to practice and grow spiritually

You may bring other crafts, activities, and homework to work on.  Vegan snacks only allowed in the studio.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending StudioTime. Thank you!

xo Stacey

Music is the soundtrack for my life's most special memories.  For me, spirituality and music will never be separated, and the most consistent way I’ve found to connect to my inner voice, lift my spirits, and bring myself back into balance has been music.  The more music continues to awaken higher aspirations, the more I am inspired to delve into those realms of the magical unknown that awaits.  

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” — Ludwig van Beethoven

view the world with perception/  create a masterpiece/

pure light is all colors/ unify in brightness/

teach others to teach others/  model devotion/ 

give in the present/ plan for the future/

notice patterns in time/ wisdom / time's favorite rhyme/ 

strengthen a weakness/  love every day in every way/